Day 9 - Work Shelves (In the absence of toys)


I don't have children yet (hurrah!) so don't have any toys to clear up that are not my husbands....seriously all of his Christmas pressies bar two were something a 9 year old boy would be thrilled to receive. He was in seventh heaven!

Anyway, so Toni at A bowl full of lemons (the challenger), said if we don't have kids to do some craft stuff instead. I do have craft stuff....but it's in my office on the bottom of my work shelves. The same work shelves that I'm ashamed of owning and have a minor panic anytime someone buys something in case I don't actually have it in stock they're so messy. ARGH! I knew I had to do it and somehow, I managed to just get on and do it!

Ok, some background. My husband and I both work from home in the 'spare bedroom' only there's not much spare or bedroomy about it. We have two full size desks, a bookcase (for my accounts folders etc), some bookshelves (for his boring coding books), a proper lush hanging rail behind my desk (for all the clothes I sell) and a large shelving unit underneath for the clothing that doesn't hang and other crafty stuff. My business is Samantha's Seconds (witty name, I know, I made it up myself!) and Husband's is Hussey Coding. I'd say his is less fun but he's very good at it and earns the lion's share of the income!

Anyway, here's the before of my end of the room.

I know, you're not inspired to purchase from me, I can tell.

Anyway, a WHOLE day later and I've emptied, organised and put back pretty much all of what's here. I didn't have much to de clutter as I use this area so much and the contents is fluid, ever changing *Waltzes around in a floaty dress doing pointy dance toes*.

Ok, back to the real's my after:

I know it's still not overly beautiful, but it's functional and all ready for a lovely new year stock take tomorrow.

In the meantime, what you can't really see from these pics is the state of the shelves above my desk........

I had to go and ruin it all with that last pic, but hopefully I can show you an after pic of them soon! (Not tonight as it's home groups tonight).

My husband's not quite grasped the point of this challenge yet. He's quickly learnt that everytime he comes across a newly organised area (even if I have to lead him to it with some lovely unsubtle hints) that he has to gasp and admire it from every angle and say it's a brilliant job well done. However, he then comes out with the incredulous comment of 'If you keep going the way you are, pretty soon the whole house will be organised!'

Urm....well lovely, I hate to break it to you...but that's kinda the point.....Dur!

Ah, how I love him! He even went one step further and purged his desk top over the weekend with absolutely no prompting whatsoever....just goes to show, it's addictive!

And then I insisted on taking a pic of him with his happy face on to show he's loving his new clear desk (and his cup of Monkey tea - the same as regular tea but in his Christmas Monkey Mug).
I don't think he quite got the concept of a happy face here but never mind! We all know he's happy inside.

If you too want to feel the joy that Dus is feeling inside (deep, deep, deep down inside), pop over to A bowl full of lemons to check out her organising tips.

Roll on Day 10!

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  1. Great work! Sometimes form has to follow function in a workspace. I totally get what you are saying.

  2. You've done very well here, Mamfa! I feel this is your most spectacular success far

  3. I enjoyed peeking in on your blog. I'm not so sure that we and my husband could work in such close corners!

  4. Paul (aka Edwin)12 January 2011 at 02:28

    Pink folders, pink boxes, pink-lidded containers, pink blog ... hmmmm, a pattern is emerging.

    No, well done you. Seriously, good going. Don't look at me like that, I'm not taking the mickey - oh, c'mon now, would I!? moi?

    Very tidy. Good job.

  5. Great Job! How did you get your husband trained to gasp and comment? Mine still hasn't gotten the hint! :)

  6. Nice job! I function so much better in a de-cluttered workspace. Yours looks great!


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