Day 10 - Freestyling!


Today's challenge from A bowl full of lemons is to do our laundry room/areas. Yup, you guessed it, I don't have one! I'm not sure I realised how little we have in terms of practical house areas until this challenge! I guess I should be grateful that we don't have as much to tidy up but instead I'm just jealous for everyone's ability to hide things away.

Our washing machine lives in a little (ish) bottom cabinet space under our draining board for our kitchen sink and seeing as I did the laundry detergents in Day 5 - Under the kitchen sink, I figured I'd better do another area.

I really, seriously could have done the shelves above my desk but I've had a hard and physio in one day.....and kids club at church to come...I needed an easy one today!

So I did our glasses cabinet, the only one left in the kitchen that hadn't already been organised in the challenge.


and after:

And then I figured that seeing as it'd only taken twenty minutes to do I could fit in the table linens drawer (junk drawer #2) as well.

And after:

The bright pink are my tea towels (cos we wash by space for a dishwasher!) and my husband usually uses them without complaint. Gotta love a man who can handle a bright pink tea towel happily!

p.s. please do admire my lovely table linens given to me by the most gorgeous Californian I know (ok, the only Californian I know) who brought them as a gift when she came to the UK last year.

If you want to check out what today's challenge really should have been, pop over to A bowl full of lemons.

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  1. Compartmentalisation is the way forward to an organised life!

  2. You own a tankard. All is right with the world.

  3. Gorgeous Californian12 January 2011 at 17:37

    Oh, those ARE lovely table linens!

  4. i'm curious to see hat your washing machine looks like.

    your glass cupboard looks pretty!

  5. great job! I wish that I didn't have so many spaces!!!!


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