Day 11 - The Freezer


I know I'm late posting, shocking isn't it!

The theory was that I'd post as soon as we were home from STOMP youth group last night....but on top of 11 rocket balloons going off at once, about a million rounds of murder in the dark and a not so successful talk about being thankful for 2010, I forgot!

I did do the challenge yesterday...and made sure to update my fellow facebookers so that they could share my pain, I've just not posted the pics until now!

The day 11 challenge from Toni at a bowl full of lemons was the freezer. This is something I thought shouldn't be too bad because we don't really use our freezer to it's full capacity. I know it works better when it's full....we just never really seem to have the money to stock it so it tends to just have a few odd bags of veggies, our bread (we don't eat it fast enough to leave it fresh) and maybe a random pizza or two before I have a chance to eat them because I love pizza! I believe it's a fully rounded meal in one handy little cardboard box! And as long as you do enough exercise, it's barely even fattening.

Anyway, as I've read a lot of fellow challenge ladies have said, I went to the freezer had a good look and thought...yup, better do today's challenge.

The contents wasn't too I said, we don't have that much in there so never lose things, but it could do with a good defrost and clean. Here's the before pics.

I took the drawers out and washed them in the bath (with dish soap, not shower gel....glittery freezer drawers is not high on my priorities today!) and left them to dry. Lined the bottom of the freezer with an old towel and spread another on the floor in front and turned it off.

Fortunately I had remembered that we had food in there before so got my husband to wrap it all in nicely insulating blankets (3 to be exact) and put it in the coldest place we could think of.....under the dining room table. That put an end to my lovely organised linen cupboard now it's empty of both towels and blankets! It's more like a lovely organised empty cupboard!

Anyway, so it defrosted, I went and took a pic of my 'laundry' area to prove I do have a washing machine.
As you can see, the cupboard on the right of it is the under the sink cupboard we (ok, I) organised earlier in the challenge. The laundry liquids live on the windowsill as it doesn't get any sun so really if I'd done the laundry area yesterday I would have been well and truly cheating!

Ok, so defrosted freezer clean, I took some lovely pics before I put the drawers and food back in. (seeing as there's nothing attractive about a tin foil packet of lasagne, a 1/3 of a bag of sprouts and some soya and linseed bread!)

As you can see, all the grossness from the freezer ended up on my lovely pink tinkerbell towel so that was for a boil wash along with the others I used. Maybe we'll find some dough (gettit?) to fill the freezer up now seeing as it's nice and clean!

Today's challenge is the spice cupboard...but we don't have one of those either so I'm not sure what I'll do today....really it should be the fridge cos that could also do with a not sure if I feel up to that though as I'm going up to church later today to do a big spring clean in the back youth hall.

If you're feeling the need to get organised this month, pop over to a bowl full of lemons to check out the challenge.

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