Day 12 - The Spice Cabinet (or not...)


Nope, not got one....have a (new) basket in the food cupboard for those little blighters!

I should have done my fridge today really, but I had to go on up to the big back youth hall at church cos it's not been looking too loved lately so I thought I'd just go up and do my stuff and see what I fancy when I came back.

So I got the bleach out, and a scrubby brush and on my hands and knees got right into the corners of the hall toilet floors...then I mopped it and let it dry before I came back to do the regular cleaning of the toilets. I was just fed up of blue lino with brown edges and corners....gross!

While I waited for the toilet floors to dry I decided to 'blitz' the kitchen and sorted most of the kitchen cupboards. I didn't do the ones belonging to the other groups who use the hall, I thought that would be rude. I did hide away the cutlery tray that's sat in the corner of the kitchen work surface for 4 months now gathering a collection of brick a brack. If it's not there then people can't hoard!

While I was there I thought I'd best tackle the youth group cupboard seeing as we're in charge of that. We have different helpers some weeks and they very helpfully pack everything back into our cupboard but it is a bit random and the things we use every week end up squidged around the things that only come out on occasion.

I took everything out (before thinking about even taking a before pic)...*facepalm*...cleaned it down then put everything back neatly.

Here's the after pic....

The cans and sweeties and things we have out every week are on the top shelf and everything on the bottom is things that we use as and when. So I stacked the blackcurrant in front of it so that useful things can't get lost in there!

Then I finished off the toilets, cleaned the kitchen surfaces and mopped the floor. Bought some fuel....7.83 litres for £10.01 !! What a huge expense for so little fuel! I know it's £1.27.9 a litre at the moment, but come on....give a girl a break!

You know the fuel's expensive when a little nudge sends the total dispensed cost up by 3p. Anyway, then I came home and thought, it's 3pm, I've not had lunch yet, couldn't I just use my youth cupboard as my challenge day?

Strictly speaking no because it's not helping me become more organised, but on the other hand, if it makes my Thursday evenings more organised then it is...and I could think of it as tithing.... Although really I should have then donated 2.1 days worth of organising to the church....ok, so anyway, I can't be doing with all this thinking, it's been a long week so today's challenge will be the youth cupboard whether we all like it or not. So there. *pokes out tongue in mature fashion*

If you wanna see what the other challengers are doing today...those who don't have a mental age of 6 I mean, then head on over to A bowl full of lemons for the actual proper day 12 challenge.

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