How to fold tights (or pantyhose)


Number 2 on the most viewed is this post on how to fold tights. I think I need to take some more attractive pics for this one day! It was first posted on the 7th of January 2011. have a ton of tights all mish mashed in your drawer and you really just can't stand it....well don't worry! The Common Room taught me another way to live my life!

Now I sound like the shopping channel...I really need to get out more!

Anyway, take your tights and lay them flat on the floor. Fold the waistband over itself so that you still have your hole in the middle, your waistband is down near the hips of your tights now instead.

Fold your tights in half lengthways.

Start rolling them up from the toe towards the waistband and don't stop til you get there!

Pick up your rolled tights with your fingers from your right hand inside the waistband that we folded over earlier.

Keep your right hand in the exact same place, do not move it at all while you insert the fingers of your left hand and pull the waistband around the roll and over your right thumb. This will leave your right fingers out from the roll now and your thumb tucked into the roll yet you've not moved your right hand. You're basically just turning your waistband over on itself so that it stays together like a pair of socks or something.

Now your tights are all in lovely rolls with no random loose bits hanging out.

Good. Now, that's done, what's next? Time to take over the world? Mwahahaha!

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  1. Yes, let's take over the world! =) one genius idea at a time!


    Thanks for the FABULOUS help Samantha! so nice to meet you in blogland! lol


  2. This is fantastic :0)
    It was just what I was looking for. Thank you Samantha

  3. Ah, I've always wondered how you were supposed to fold tights. I'll have to try it on my NoNonsense pair, even though they are a bit skinner!


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