The delishiest treat I have ever had in my life!


Deliciousest? Deliciousist?

Whatever the spelling of my new made up word should be...NOM NOM NOM yummy!

So, during my lunchtime blog browsing yesterday (what, you mean you don't waste your lunch break checking blogs?) I stumbled across Sugar Craft Bee's post about chocolate fudge strawberry cakey goodness!

Cakey goodness is actually a real legitimate phrase so we don't need to add that one to the dictionary this time.

Her post is here if you'd like to see it with all it's white chocolate drizzled finery.

Although she did say in her post that she waited until she had guests due to make it, I couldn't wait and as soon as I told the ever sweet toothed Dusband, he couldn't wait either.

So 7pm saw us hot footing it to Tesco to the home baking aisle where we fell upon the ingredients like the slightly very sugar tempted people we were.

I can't bear to tell you any more about the process...but by 10:30pm a gorgeously decorated and complete fudge cake was sitting in my fridge quietly calling our names.

We resisted the calls until morning tea break today and fell upon it like chocoholics at a chocoholics anonymous meeting. (p.s. do they really exist? I could do with one if they do!)

Anyway, I cut myself a tiny slither about the same size as Sugar Bee Crafts and it was MORE THAN ENOUGH for one sitting but Dus was feeling a bit braver so went for a regular sized slice of cake....It took him a while to complete, but with the help of a cup of tea he soon struggled on through. *tears up* I'm just so proud of him!

Anyway, here are the pics!

I'm not keen on white chocolate, so we didn't do the drizzling but I don't think it needed it taste wise!

Also, don't even consider not including strawberries despite them being out of season and have a huge carbon footprint (oops!) because they make it not too sickly. I think without them it would just been too much but they bring a sharp fruity contrast to the heavy chocolate.

I only have one wish....that we'd had people round tonight or this week to help us eat it! It's a huge cake so I can understand now why Sugar Bee saved it until she had people coming round!

If you're in the area, come on by and pick up a piece!

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