Welsh Cakes (sort of!)


So, last week was St David's Day right...? Right.

The colours on the Welsh flag are Red white and green right....? Right.

Not the St David's flag which is black and yellow, this one....

Ok, good, we're all on the same page. So anyway, I thought...being the kind soul I am...that I could make some little cakes for the kiddies at Kidz Club. ''I'm sure they could do with the extra sugar'' I thought to myself.

Anyway, so I made up some basic cake mix....6 oz flour, 6oz sugar, 6oz butter & 3 eggs (only, I only used 2 cos we ran out!).

I split it in half and put it in two bowls. Then I added far too much just enough green colouring to one bowl, and far too much just enough red colouring to the other bowl.

Ok, so we have two bowls of toxic looking cake mix right....eeek!

I forgot to take a pic of the red so you'll have to make do with the green. Even with funny white balance settings I still couldn't really get an accurate representation of this colour which is a shame. It was rather bright fun green.

So, one dollop of one colour into the silicone mould, then a dollop of the other colour on top! I did 6 with green on the bottom and red on top and 6 with red on the bottom and green on the top.

How appetising do they look?! Exactly...too delicious for words!

Anyway, here they are baked.....

no....don't close your eyes!

Just try not to think of all the crushed beetles that went into that red food colouring and we should be fine!

Anyway, so then I still had half of each mix left so I thought I could do a Victoria sponge type jobby and put some white butter cream in the middle to make it really welsh! Genius!!

Ready and waiting above and all finished and ready for the kids below:

Mmmmmm! I hear you cry! Delish!

I decided to tell the kids at Kidz Club that it was 'crazy cake' which kinda explains the weirdo colours and odd shape of it.

Some of the helpers (aka teenagers) were more than surprised that it actually tasted quite nice...I'm not sure how to take that really!!

I decided that poor old Dusband who would only get to eat the boring cupcakes deserved a bit of butter cream love in his life so I got the piping bag out....popped some butter cream inside and...urm....made a huge mess squirted it everywhere delicately iced the cup cakes.

I know, he is a lucky boy isn't he!

Anyway, tune in next time for more inedible toxic looking crazy delicious treats!

Samantha xx

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  1. The sort of delights you may find in Willy Wonkas Garden!

  2. hmmm i feel red and blue thomas tank cakes coming on!


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