A handbag only a mother could love


Or maybe not even then...I don't know if I dare risk it!

So, I saw a bag on etsy and I desired it. Ok, I coveted my neighbour's bag. Naughty! But I thought to myself....why Samantha, you're not too bad at this bag making lark nowadays....why don't you try to make one from inside your head (you have to read that in a girly voice in your head please).

Khaki Canvas Bag - Martha by tippythai on etsy

Anyway, so I found a lovely front pleat tote bag pattern for free from My Spare Time and used my infinite wisdom (and a few random tutorials) to make a bow and set to making it for my mum. When I was last with her in Luton we went to the market and bought some beautiful purple suiting....well I chose it first and seeing how beautiful it was told mum and she got some too. Me so I could make things and her so she could make herself a lovely skirt suit. My big sister Lizzie had already crocheted her a shawl for this outfit (it was for a wedding) so I think the jacket was only incase it gets chilly...which let's face it, in our climate, it's bound to happen!

Anyway, so I asked her for a pic of the top she'd be wearing with the skirt and shawl and set to making her a bag to match. From said coveted bag on etsy. If you want to see the original and best click here.

Ok, so it's slightly different, but I thought I can power on through with a little bit of jiggling! I ran out of light weight or medium weight interfacing so I looked at the last of my heavy weight. Then I looked at my super light suiting. And back at the heavy weight interfacing. Then back at the super super super lightweight suiting......"yeah, that'll work" I said to myself.

EEEEK! When it came to forming the pleats ready to be sewn, it was second to none, it creased like a dream and stayed put as if glued there in place (it wasn't). It was beautiful to sew together and although I made a few adjustments about how to sew the outer and lining together (cos I always know best!!) it came out almost exactly as in the pattern.


urm.....it didn't. It was such a bad decision to use heavy weight interfacing on such light fabric that turning it through to the right side creased it more than screwing up a paper bag! Oops!

I stuffed it with old jumpers and steam on high, I set to ironing the creases out...but the photos below show it at it's best. Yes, it's best. Now it's not too bad, but in real life it doesn't hang quite right as it's so stiff and yes, it is super creased.

Admittedly, it looks better in the photos now than it does online so now that I'm posting this I feel a bit better about it! Maybe I will send it to mum after all....

One thing's for certain though, I won't be making the same mistake twice....I bought me some light weight interfacing now!

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