How to cut slippery lining fabrics


So, you're making 'A bag only a mother could love' mark II and you think...a nice slippery lining would be beautiful inside this bag.

Usually when I come to cut such linings I think I'm doing really well until I unpin the pattern and realise that where it's stretched or pulled I've got a mahousive chunk missing! I dunno how I do it, I must just be super talented. Anyway, the pattern (that I made in my head following last time's disaster!) called for light weight fusible interfacing to be applied to the lining pieces further down the line.

So here's my top tip. Take your pattern and cut out the light weight fusible interfacing first. Then take your lovely silky red fabric (other colours widely available) and place it on your ironing board without too much weight on either side so it sits mostly straight-ish.

Add your cut out interfacing shape.

Iron. (Or press - however you want to say it).
p.s. yes, this step was risky to photograph.....good job my iron was turned low!

Breathe sigh of relief that you didn't scorch fabric whilst photographing your iron sitting on top of it. This is a valid step.

Tadaaaaa! There you go, one lovely lining piece.

Cut around the interfacing shape.

This was also interesting to photograph, not least because my vanity was causing me to question thumb poking up in the air or pointing down towards the ironing board like a normal thumbed person. I dunno what's normal anymore!

Anyway, there we go, one lovely cut out lining piece with interfacing already attached and no weird gouged out sections!

I tend to do all of mine at the same time then cut them out so that I can try to use my fabric as effectively as possible. I'm not too good at imagining how things are all going to fit on unless I do them all together!

It was shortly after taking all these photos that I realised I owned a rotary cutter and hot footed it off to the cutting mat to cut the rest of the pieces out!
Happy cutting! xx

I'm going to be linking up with the following blogs to share my tip with the world!

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