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Some weeks I have no idea where they go! Yesterday I thought it was Thursday all day then I had a shock when it came to Kidz Club and I just totally wasn't mentally prepared for it. Today now though, I wish it was only Wednesday as I haven't gotten anything done that I'd hoped to do this week!

When my mother in law and I first decided to do this crafting for money lark I set myself a target of three items a week, one of which to be a bag. Now last week, I knew that I was working part time Monday and Tuesday then all days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so I made a few extra items. In fact, I made my three items, one of which a bag, then I went on to make another bag....and then another! But the 2nd another isn't finished yet. I had some handles arrive in the post from who, I'm not sure, but if it was you, thank you!!!! Anyway, they were lovely, and I immediately had some fabric and a bag pattern that I knew would go really well with them, but whoever sent them must be a smoker or got them from a smoker because they smelt a little of cigarette smoke.

I've already totally made the bag, and the little loops to attach the handles to the bag, then I cleaned the handles and left them sitting in a sealed bag with a cotton wool pad with cinnamon oil on it to scent them a lovelyness. Anyway, so that's ready to finish off when I get a round tuit.

I also cut out and made enough pennants for another string of bunting, but seeing as my ironing board cover has suffered a fate worse than death (iron cleaning wipe melted onto it....that baby's not coming off in the wash!), I can't turn them the right side and press them and press the tape for the bunting and finish them off. I think at this rate I'll have to be sewing at the weekend!

I don't mind sewing at the weekend, afterall, that's the only time many people have to sew, but I like to sew sticking to a regular 'work' timetable so that I can do the housework/gardening/be lazy at the weekend. I say weekend, I mean Saturday because Sunday we're so busy with church and church matters the break between services is too precious to spend sewing!

Anyway, so yes, I've been working like a proper person this week and it's been good to interact with customers again. I've discovered that I'm quite good at building rapport with people, even if I did accidentally buy some bizzie lizzie seeds on my boss' ebay account while I was meant to be working....oops!

Today and tomorrow my boss has gone on holiday leaving me in charge....eeek! I've had 3 days of training so I should be ok, but there's always decisions that only the boss can make so we'll just have to see how I go about coping with those. As I said to him, I'm sure I can bluff my way out of most things.....!

So there we are, a quick round up of my week. Also, I've been trying to photograph my goodies outside for better colours and it seems to have been sucessful! Let me show you some that I've re taken the photos for.


Better yar?! I also kinda resized/cropped them using Picnik and a couple of the lighter bags that I took pics for in the shade I had to increase the contrast, but it would appear that if you take your pics in the mornings or afternoons, the light is pretty good! Full sunshine is a slight issue and I've got a few I have to re-take but hey, it's a learning curve right!

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  1. I've been trying to work on my photography too... I'm so bad about getting impatient with it, haha! By the way, those bags are gorgeous! I especially love the first one, did you make it?

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