The husband and the best friend


Eeek! Today has gone so fast and it's still only 9:25am! How I'm going to get everything done today I have no idea, but I thought I'd start with blogging. I know it helps you all through your days.

Anyway, so yesterday was Tuesday....I know you know this, but....Tuesdays I speak to my best friend. Every Tuesday. For about an hour or so. We talk about what we've both done, what we've seen, great sermons we've heard (my bf more than me, I don't tend to download podcasts of sermons....maybe I should start) and generally what we've eaten or planning to eat.

So yesterday it was my turn to call so I went into the garden where it was actually sunny for once not raining and settled in for the long haul. We got to talking about various bits and pieces and spent a very satisfying 20 minutes chewing the cud. Then my husband comes out. And my BF asks to speak to my husband. Apparently they have something to discuss. So my husband then spends 20 minutes on the phone to my BF talking and chortling (I love that word!), before eventually saying, "ok, yes, good to talk to you too, you too, bye".
Then he hung up. "You too?",  "YOU TOO?!"

It's a good job my best friend's name is Peter and they were chortling over his new frisbee. I also know that Peter always says goodbye by saying 'take care'.

Honestly, who ever thought it, my husband and my best friend....

*shakes head*

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