Bathroom deep cleaning


A conversation overheard in the Hussey household today:

Dusband: Baybeeee, what are you doing?

Me: I'm deep cleaning the bathroom hunky trunks.

Dusband: Oh, so you're moving things to clean rather than just cleaning around them?

Me: Hmmmm *walks off seeking consolation in a bar of galaxy*

So, yes, there we go. I've moved things to clean around them. Actually I've done the usual bathroom cleaning of sink, bath, toilet, floor, windowsills etc. But I've also wiped down the walls (they seem to gather dust which is odd), cleaned the tile grout, taken everything out of our set of drawers, cleaned them and put everything most things back in neatly.  I've also taken the shower hose off the electric shower unit and cleaned it. It seems to gather black slime in those coily rib things on the hose that wiping just doesn't get off.

So...step one, turn off shower power supply. Probably didn't need to do this but better safe than sorry.

Step two, unscrew shower hose and shower head

Step three, dish soap + hot water + shower hose & shower head

As you can see I'd already done some scrubbing and that's what all of those grossy black bits are floating around at the bottom of the sink!

I kinda forgot to take pics before I put it in the sink but you can use your imagination.

Step four, get your cleaning toothbrush (note, not husband's current toothbrush) and brush the shower hose. I found brushing up and down the dip in each ridge worked better than side by side along the hose.

After a soak but before a brush
Step five, rinse with clean water and take photo for blog

Step 6, screw back onto shower and feel smug.

Good job done! Well done us!

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