Hello chickens!


Today's one of those days where I want to post, in fact I have tons to say to anyone who'll listen, but I just can't think of a good topic to begin.

I figured I'd do like all great writers (ha!) and just start and see where we end up.

It's the end of term party at kids club tonight. I think it's Kidz Club actually cos that's KOOL! Anyway, we're having fancy dress. I am very pleased that I can get my afro wig out and my dragon hat and my leprechaun hat and....yeah, you get the idea!

Then tomorrow we've got a treasure hunt for our youth group. Interesting.....then Friday off then Saturday is my little sister's birthday. She'll be 26. Urm....eek! We're all getting so old!

I'm sure this is meant to be summer, but actually it feels distinctly autumnal! Considering the schools have not even broken up yet (yes, we're a lot later than our American friends) it feels like it's the run up to Christmas. There have been various comments on facebook such as "I love summer in the UK, it's my favourite day of the year" or "the forecast is for a super hot summer; this year it'll be on a Wednesday".

Seriously though....a little bit of sun wouldn't go amiss! I'm sure we're all seriously deficient in Vitamin D!

Anyway, so my plans for the next few weeks are to get my own shop up and running so I can offer y'all some discount codes, get my house back in order after last week's fair (it seems to have infiltrated every area of our house!) and I'm pondering a revisit to the 21 day challenge. But maybe with some of my own areas thrown in for those that I don't have. To make it more useful to me. As much as I don't mind tidying my medicines...I only have three.

So...that's me. I've got a tutorial on how to clean brass door handles (church) ready to get typed up and one on rag rug weaving. It's just getting a round tuit...!


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