What I wore Sunday #3


Yes, yes, I know I'm two days late. Blame it on...urm....ok, just blame it on my laziness!

So, here it is.

As you can see I finally managed to purchase some new trousers. These ones are Dorothy Perkins Petite (via British Heart Foundation £4.30).

Lizzie and I went to the retail park, town centre, charity shops AND supermarkets and these and a jumper is all we managed to find that we liked or fitted. Maybe we're both out of fashion!

Anyway, BHF don't have somewhere you can try things on so them being a size 8 and looking about the right length was enough for me so I brought them home, tried them on, accepted them and washed them. I obviously then had to iron a super sharp crease down the front with my spray starch even though you can't really see it in this pic.

It's only while I was at church praising that I realised they were actually a bit big and whilst they wouldn't fall down (my hips are a whopping 10cm bigger than my waist) they just didn't hug me in the places they should.

They're not terrible but it would be nice to finally find some trousers that fit. Back to the drawing board!

Also, the obligatory top and cardigan complete the outfit. I love cardigans. I think if I had to choose one item of clothing I couldn't do without...it'd be that.

Still pondering what to do with my hair...I'm bored with it and that's a dangerous position to be in with your hair...it generally leads to cutting it all off into a gorgeous bob and then having to spend half hour every day blow drying it back into shape.

p.s. This pic proves my sister doesn't HAVE to pull a face every time she's being photographed.

p.p.s. I've only just realised how much of a resemblance there is with us and our lovely Uncle Joe.

Anyway...whilst looking for that pic of my hair in a bob I've come across a pic of my sisters and I in our wedding finery (mum's wedding May 2010) and animal masks we found in the park's shop where we had the photos.

What is rather impressive is that Amanda actually seems to be attempting to eat the tree as a giraffe would do. Is there no end to this woman's talents? I was of course the heffalump and Lizzie the monkey. She does a very good monkey noise.

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