The fair of joy!


Ok, so I've mentioned this a few times already but now here is the full details.

So, myself and my sister Loopy Lizzie (her real name is Lizzie not loopy Lizzie) have decided to take a stall at the Caerleon Arts & Crafts festival this year.

The festival runs from 8th July - 17th July 2011 and artists and craftspeople are invited to exhibit and sell their work during the final weekend of the festival which this year is 16th and 17th July.

Lizzie and myself have decided to take an outside space for the Saturday and are going to trade our way to happiness. (Hopefully!)

In this week I'll obviously become a bit of a craft fair bore so bear with me. This is our first craft fair and it's set to be a big & popular one so we're understandably excited!

Here's my top ten tips that I've scoured from around the web for doing craft fairs such as these.

#1 Book early. It just makes sense!

#2 Think about how you're going to display your items so that you have enough time to purchase display stands etc to make the most out of them.

#3 Try to spend as little as possible to achieve the most expensive/luxurious stall as possible

#4 Check this list by Sunshine Glass and from it write your own list of things to take. This will help you to gather your bits together.

#5 Shop your house when looking for ways to dress your stall

#6 Label EVERYTHING! People can be too embarrassed to ask for prices in case they can't afford things.

#7 Use your height to it's best advantage. Eye level for what you want to show off most.

#8 Do a mock up of your stall the week before so you've a chance to change things around or pick up extra supplies

#9 Have a very handy patient husband/friend who can do any structural engineering (stringing wires, hanging banners, building shelves etc) to free you up for the fannying around making things look nice.

#10 Be as organised as you can. Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail.

Anyway, I'll tell you more as the week goes on and share some of the goodies Lizzie and I have prepared and our stall. We've modelled it on a pop up shop and have a few extra tips for you.

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  1. I think this is awesome, by the way! If you were closer I'd come and see your stall (and buy some wares!). I hope it all goes really well xx


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