What I wore Sunday #2


Here it is...go crazy with your opinions...

Ignore my daps kicked off to the side there....I was lazy when I came home yesterday and didn't put them away properly!
Ok, so the details
Cardi by Principles (via eBay)

Flip flops from George at Asda £5
Anyone else think I need other leg solutions than jeans? I love wearing skirts but wax my legs so can only really wear them half the month. I'm still trying to decide whether those two weeks of super smooth legs is worth the two weeks of growing it again. Maybe this is too much info right here but hey, who needs shame?

Anyway, yes, so I need more trousers for summer when I can't wear skirts. Skirts with tights would also be a solution but maybe I need to see about getting some lighter coloured pattern tights as other tights are a bit too heavy for summer no matter how cold it is!

Anyway, opinions please?
p.s. I think this cardigan is one of my faves even if it is see through!

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  1. wow i like yor cardigan here:) well i think summer is time for wax the legs lol and it will be wothed it :):):):) xxxx



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