I had assumed that after yesterday today would be a lovely day where everything went right.....WRONG!

It started ok, I got up at a good time, blogged, mooched around. Decided to go to town. That's where I came unstuck.

Dussy said he'd come with me so we got our rain coats on (again!) and I just put our 'RM please leave parcels with Number 24 if no answer' note on the door. Dus was already outside so I went out and shut the door.

Dus: "Have you got a key baby?"
Me: "Urm, no, haven't you?"
Dus: "No.....oops!"

So we thought, we ummed, we ahhhed, we did a thinking pose (no pic, too scary) and we went next door to borrow a hammer and screwdriver.

Dus was sure he could take the moulding off, prise a panel off, reach through and unlock it.
So that's what he tried.

However, behind that paint encrusted moulding it was solid pine. Urm, yeah, that's not coming out.

Myself and our neighbour stood around giving helpful hints and tips to encourage Dus whenever he appeared to be flagging such as 'you might as well give up and smash the pane of glass at the top'.
In our own little way Craig and I were being kind.

So then Craig has a little epiphany, right there on the street. 'Do you want a wire coathanger' he asks. So he goes to get one and it's not one of those flimsy wire coat hangers, it's a solid, many wire coat hanger.

Anyway, Dus bends it into a long thin shape with a bent back hook at the top and pokes it through the letter box to see if he can get the keys hanging on the back of the door.

Carefully.....carefully....and hurrah! He has them!

I asked him to do a triumphant face but all I got was this:
So there we go, we managed to break into our house. But now have to rebuild the moulding on the door. Dus isn't worried though, he's glad to have a little project to do tomorrow now while Loopy Lizzie and I get to prepping the FAIR OF JOY (I promise I'll tell you about it one day)

The afternoon was much gooderer, made a couple of cushions, spoke to my best friend, bought a top for £1. Am feeling tired now after all this excitement, I'll give myself an evening off I think!

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  1. Oh how I can relate ... except my keys are usually locked in my car :)

  2. Blimey. As I scrolled down the page I had the Terry & June theme in my mind and expected: "... then the police car pulled up", at any moment.


  3. We were all surprised no one had called the police too! Saying that I called them yesterday at youth and they still haven't arrived! X


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