...all my troubles seemed so faaaaar away.

Well, no actually. Do you ever have 'one of those days'? I had one yesterday. Dussy usually puts the bins out Thursday mornings when he gets up at 6 ready for the bin men at 7. But yesterday he forgot. Which is not a major issue for the main waste as we only generally have one tiny carrier bag. But the recycling...dun....dun....duuuuuuun! Eeek! I really didn't want to have 3 bags sat hanging around for another week. Big bags they are too!

We heard the normal rubbish go but the recycling hadn't been yet so Dus hurried downstairs to put it out. I had requested the night before for a lie in so wasn't due to be woken up til 8. BUT...I heard Dus was hurrying so I stumbled out of bed and went to help him. I can't even imagine what I must look like straight out of bed but Dussy thought I was in a strop that he wasn't doing it fast enough! I was perfectly happy, just a bit...urm...early morning face!

Anyway, so that misunderstanding cleared up I stumbled back off to bed for my lie in. Only it was already almost 8. So Dus left me even longer and didn't come in to wake me up til 9. By the time we were breakfasted, showered and dressed (we like to do our devotions over breakfast) it was 10am. So I started my day late with a target of 6 cushion covers to make.

I decided upon a ruffled cushion and set to with a happy face. 2 hours later I remembered I had a freddo each for us from Kidz Club tuck shop (Wednesday nights) so although I was annoyed I was STILL working on this first cushion, chocolate made it a bit better.


Lunch time. STILL working on ruffled cushion. Grr! After lunch I decided to put it aside and come back to it. I managed to get a lovely boudoir cushion done in the 2 hours we had left til we had to leave for youth group. Somewhere along the line I fitted in planning for youth and making salt dough for youth.

I won't go into what happened at youth, but needless to say, strikes were given, parents were visited, bannings took place.

Some parents we only have mobile numbers for which is not unusual. In an area where budgets are tight, landlines are a luxury many can't afford. Unbelievable isn't it that mobiles can now be cheaper than landlines.
Anyway, one such 'parent's' number went through to voicemail but I didn't leave a message because unless you're sure it's their phone it's not great to leave such a message as I would have to.

This morning I suspected that it was the teenager's phone instead of the parent's when I received a message saying 'Was up n'

I assume this stands for 'What's up then?' but feel very, very, very old to have just typed that! Since when did I become disgusted at lack of literacy in text messages? Did someone slip a 91st in between my 27th and 28th birthdays?

Anyway, we shall not despair, we shall motor onwards and upwards with the hope of actually making a difference one day.

Today I woke up at my regular time, took a pic ready for the what summer means to you challenge. This is something I saw a few days ago and have been waiting for an ideal time to take the pic.

However, then I went over to Gwenny Penny to see where to email my pic to and realised I'd completely not read it at all and instead made it up in my head and there is no photo challenge! Oops!

Here's my pic for you guys anyway.

Summer by Mrs H
Summer dress: Primarni, Wellies: Primarni, Raincoat: Dare2B @ Millets, Rain: God
Yup, that's why I had to wait to take my summer's not been raining enough for a good photo lately..which is ironic.

Anyway, off to make more cushion covers....!

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