Tin can to Can can (?!?!)


Yeah, so, I need to work on my blog titles...

Anyway, this one's for you Polly.

Gather your supplies:

  • Empty & Clean tin cans (careful for sharp edges!)
  • Can of primer that you won't need but it's in the pics
  • Small can of spray paint 
  • Some lace or something purdy
  • Hot glue, normal glue or....ok, just glue.

Ignore the tub behind which has precisely 2 dwarf lavender plants inside and approximately 1 gazillion weeds!

So, in short, cans, paint, lace & glue.

Good. Ready?

1) Look at can of primer and ask husband if he thinks you really need to prime tin cans first. He will probably answer in the negative. Put primer back in un-shed. (Or shed if you have a real shed.)

2) Spray paint your cans. Yes....thin coats are better....the blue can I used thick coats and it's run.

3) Pick cans up from the inside to photograph them for your blog remembering to collect some tiny paper cut type cuts to torture you for the entire next day. Check!

See, told you it had run
4) Wait impatiently for it to dry. I suggest painting just before Kidz club so that by the time you get home from Kidz club you're too tired to think about decorating them and end up leaving them to dry overnight in the un-shed.

5) Hot glue around the top of the inside of the can because you've now discovered the tiny cuts that the sharp insides have given you. Decide it looks a bit pre-school and stick beads into just warm glue. Alternatively you could stick a bit of ribbon around it in a wonky fashion as I did on the second can. (I forgot to take a pic, you can imagine this step).

6) Get your piece of lace ready to glue and lay your can down 'stabilised' by something either side. As it happened my lace was exactly the size of my cans....dunno how but it wasn't planned!

7) Run a line of hot glue around the top and stick your lace on. I think I must have been reading too much agaagg....I rarely use my glue gun usually...honest!

8) When you get to the end, trim your lace to just slightly overlap and glue it down. I also glued down the side of the over flap (?) to stop it flapping around like a ...urm...flappy thing.

9) Add every single mature pen you have and take photos for you to admire at a later date! (Or share on your blog)

These will be stepping in as 'pen holder' and 'crochet hook holder' at our craft fair in Caerleon on Saturday...I'll take pics of them in situ!

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  1. Pretty !!! Thank you for that :) I am just in the process of finding more arty crafty ideas and making proper plans, so keep em coming :) x

  2. Very cute and creative. What a great idea for using at your craft fair booth. I like the idea of using these in my scrapbook room for odds and ends.

  3. Yup, yup. I like it. But, how about using the lace as a mask - spraying an alternate colour over it, to get a positive/negative lacey effect?

    Have you recieved a call from Blue Peter yet? ;0)

  4. What did the tins originally contain? I'm *dying* to know.

  5. Sweetcorn! The little tins that are not as good value as the massive tins.

    I love the idea of painting over the lace...I'll try that with some vases I have and some frosting spray. Good thinking Paul!

    Tammie good idea...my crafting area ALWAYS needs more organising! xx

  6. Love the idea of using lace. I recently made one of these for my desk but used scrapbook paper. I think the lace makes it so pretty!


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