When broccoli goes too far......


So, there we were feeling really proud that we could already see recognisable bunches of broccoli on our chunky little stems in our tiny, weeny garden.

Then they started to flower. Um.....is that right? Bright yellow flowers. As pretty as they were we were still waiting for the broccoli to grow into those fat bunches you get in the supermarket.

Turns out that when you leave your broccoli too long or it's bolted then the little green thingys which you eat (buds maybe?) flower and you're too late. You snooze, you lose!

So I cut the stalks off and stuck them in a glass of water instead.


This is the top of our little dvd cabinet...the only surface in our living room that could pass for a mantle! The pic above it is satin which has been folded and stitched...One day I might try to recreate it in something else!

Funnily enough though, everytime I was passing these walking out of the living room I was thinking to myself...hmm, something smells a bit funky around here....I'm sure it wasn't THAT long ago that I washed the floors down....(I am a bit behind with housework what with the fair and all but I only cleaned last week...)

I suddenly realised it's cos the 'flowers' smell like broccoli! Oops!

They're still there though, can't bear to throw them away lol

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  1. Hahaha. Thats pure class that is.

  2. Lovely idea, I would have done the same with the flowers . Can just imagine the smell :D x


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