What I wore Sunday


A day late but hey, who has time for posting on a Sunday! Especially when you have your big sister staying for the weekend and your little sister arriving to drop off the gazebo for THE FAIR OF JOY (more about that later in the week) and a garden full of seedlings that are so big they can no longer be called seedlings and need planting up desperately!

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday to church with a white cardi over my shoulders. I'm quite an old fashioned dresser usually and hate having my shoulders out. This is probably the lowest cut top I'd ever wear in the world but hey, it was hot and sunny and you're only young once! (I did have my cardi buttoned up to take round communion though, might not have been very nice to have a slice of cleavage with your bread and wine eh!

Goofy face is all mine. Am getting a bit fed up of my hair, it reminds me slightly of a mullet (!) so brushed my fringe to the side. I'm still not convinced!
Anyway, I know it's a fairly safe outfit for my first one but I'll try to experiment a bit more with my wardrobe in the hope you can help me weed out the rags and accessorise the riches that I forgot I had!
Happy Monday xx

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