Why I love my husband


Obviously there's a million reasons but here are a couple.

Firstly whenever I'm struggling to open a jar or bottle he gets into a cheering me on stance and says 'strength of ten!'. Usually that does the trick. Sometimes not and he has to open it for me. Obviously after I've loosened the lid already though.

Secondly because he does any housework I let him (I'm the laundry fairy around here thank you very much!). Sometimes I put a wash all ready in the machine, liquid ready, program set before we go to bed. Then I ask Dus to press start when he gets up at 6. I queen around in bed til 7:30 so by the time I'm up the quick wash should be done. If he remembers. Today I had a load ready for when he got out of the shower. Here's how I reminded him to put it on to wash.
"Press start on the washing machine and you will receive special prizes!!"
Special prizes can be anything from a little kiss to a pack of sweeties! Today for the laundry was a kiss on the cheek. He's very underpaid I feel!

Thirdly Dusband makes me laugh. I had been doing some turn over iron turn hemming and left my sewing gunge on the top of his brand new (to him) 1985 Thundercats annual he had by the side of the bed and his first reaction was "ah, a sword measuring device for my book".

He's so cute! He's say up in bed now educating himself on Thundercats history. He's 31. Or is it 32. He can't remember either. No wait, 33! Knew we'd be able to work it out in the end!
That's why I love Dussy.

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  1. Carefully stick a butter knife up the side of the lid and bend it ever so slightly till the button pops up. Then it's easy peasy to open.


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