August Organising - Week 3 - Paperwork, Office or study


Whether you have a desk shoved in the corner of your living room or an entire room devoted to wherever you are reading this from....I suspect you've got paperwork...and 'stuff' that goes with it too.

We've got a whole room to share between the Dusband and I and bless the little cutie...he only takes up the space of a desk.

In the meantime I've got shelves holding my fabric, shelves holding the things I've made, shelves holding my 'paperwork' and admin as well as a normal desk (for sewing on) and a tiny desk for my computer.

Well whether you're lucky enough to have such a clutter hole as me or's the time for you to get sorting. Take everything off the shelves, go through every folder, get rid of what you don't need and put back what you do need nice and neat and tidily.

Here's my before. I'm gonna need a few more days before I show you the after.....!

Gosh, I don't make things easy for us do I?!

I took some more photos today of the rest of the room...I can't help but think it also needs some attention!

Dus' toy shelves

Dus trying to get on with his work despite my paparazzi-ing!

Attractive green office chair....
Ok, so let's get started. You can concentrate on just paperwork if you like. I suspect you're not all as disorganised as me with my workspace!

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  1. I am equally if not more disorganized. I have a hug closet that needs to be tackled.


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