I thought it might be nice for you to see the man behind the woman who writes this blog.

The man who is just so amazingly perfect for me. Ok, brace yourselves..here we go!

Wait...this is what he did for my birthday last year, not him....

Helping M to bowl
He eats super healthily. Fruit as a snack...like seriously?!
See! Always with the fruit!
His snowmen always end up triangular....and beardy.
He goes running. For fun. 
He thinks he's funny pretending candy teeth are his actual teeth.
He cannot just lay on a beach

But he can sit still when there's a bbq going!

He has a tiny goatee that he calls 'ratty' which most people don't notice when they meet him! I bet you're going back to check the other pics now!
He loves to climb and is a right monkey!
He makes friends very easily
He has impeccable dress sense
Is handy with power tools
See dress sense....
And he puts up with me
Awww you gotta love him for his endless patience!

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