Call to prayer


 I know it's a bit late. 3 nights of rioting across England is always too late.

On Thursday a man was shot by police. Saturday afternoon the man's family held a peaceful protest outside a police station. By about 5pm it had escalated into violent riots which spread throughout London and in the subsequent nights to Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham & Bristol.


It appears that the longer these riots and looting go on, the less there is to link the riots. I believe that it's no longer about Mark Duggan who was shot but are people using him as an excuse to release their frustrations.

Yes, our country has seen benefits cut dramatically, job losses, massive cutbacks to services and it makes me wonder whether we have built a culture where people expect a living to be provided to them without feeling any sort of responsibility towards society as a whole.

Conservative MP Nicky Morgan  tweets: In MidEast people demonstrate for freedom/democracy. In Britain people riot to break in to Currys and Lidl. Time for serious response here.


I am shocked and sickened that people in our 'developed' and 'civilised' country can think this is acceptable behaviour.

More than that though I'm plain and simple worried. My mum lives in a large town about 30 miles north of London although in her words, good job she "lives at the top of a hill, people are too lazy to climb that to riot". My big sister lives in Bristol very near really to the city centre. She's emailed to say that she's safe.

There is criticism of the police and how they've dealt with it, calls for the army to step in, calls for tear gas, rubber bullets & other strong measures to be used.


The most useful thing any of us can do though is pray. Whether you believe in my God or not, He hears our prayers and answers them. There's no one person on this earth that can calm so many frustrated and criminal tendancies, but God can.

Please remember our nation in your prayers. Please encourage your friends and family to remember the UK in your prayers.

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  1. I am so glad to see a post like this in blogland! People are turning the riots into an excuse to complain and snipe about the cuts, politicians, etc, rather than focusing on making it better--whether that's through prayer, positive thought, or going to help up with one of the cleanups.

  2. yes it is a time for prayer with all going on very sad time

  3. Thanks for the opt to pray with you and others. I've been seeing this on the news and feel so bad for your area.
    These people just don't realize how much pain they are creating.

  4. Hi, I've featured your post on Serenity Saturday over at

    I just couldn't believe what i was seeing!!

    My prays and thoughts go out to all the familys that lost loved ones in the riots xxxxx


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