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Ok, so remember my dressing table organising? You must was only a few days ago....ah well if you've forgotten then you can read about it here.

Anyway, so I sorted my necklace hanger and came up with two tonnes of tarnished jewellery...gross. You know me and my home remedies so I did a bit of research and came up with a fab little recipe. I took pics to share with you.

From my experience this weekend, don't use it on your cheap not real metal jewellery like those silver coloured chav hoops you have worn once and kept forever. It makes them go yellow.

See, told you so!

Step one: Line a roasting tin with aluminium foil. American/Canadian readers drop the extra i there :)

Step 2: Sprinkle salt liberally over the base of your tin.

Step 3: Add your jewellery. I actually did this step and the next the other way round and ended up with scalded fingers so do as I say and not as I do!

Step 4: Add some boiling water to the tin slowly so as not to dislodge your priceless gems.

Step 5: Leave it to sit and bubble away for a while. The tarnish is 'magically' lifted off your jewellery and adheres to the foil. Ok, I know it's not magic but I don't know the science behind it so I won't pretend I do.

Step 6: Lift out your jewellery and pat it dry. Leave it to dry fully spread out on a clean tea towel. If you run out of space and bunch it up it will go rusty. Urm, yes, also from experience!

Yes, I even did the chain connecting my faux pearls. I just left the pearls hanging out of the tin and the chain in the water.

Dusband's mums engagement ring looks brand new!

Ok, I know it's blurry...but it's clean!

This is a cheap necklace and it didn't come clean.

The only necklace I remembered to take a before photo so I could compare it with an after photo is this white gold heart necklace my mum gave me when I was a bridesmaid for her in May last year.

I'm not sure how my jewellery has all of a sudden begun to get so tarnished but I suspect it's something to do with it being stored on brass hooks in the open air. Back to the drawing board for necklace storage I think!

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  1. Oh, this is great info! I actually need to clean some of my jewelry, so thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I have so many pieces that need polishing that it is overwhelming...this will help.

  3. This is what I always use and it comes out perfect I use the one with the shampoo


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