August Organising - Week 1 - The Dressing table


Dressing table, vanity, whatever you call it, wherever you put on your make up, do your hair, store your priceless gems....this is that.

Ok, so the challenge is to get rid of 2011 items before the end of the year. I think you'll find it easier than you realise once you really get going. Be brutal with yourself, if you haven't used make up in 6 months it's due to be thrown out anyway for it's best before. If you find you want a bright blue shade again next year, well, go buy another. I know we're all trying to be frugal but with make up, you can't be too careful.

For fab deals on replacing your make up, check out my pal Tammie's blog. She's an avon rep extraordinaire!

Anyway, so here is my dressing table to give you some inspiration. You've got a week to do it and I find the best way is to just jump right in. Procrastination can only lead to a cluttered house!

You'd never guess I liked things neat!

A close up of the devastation!

Bottom Drawer

3rd Drawer

2nd Drawer

Top Drawer

Necklace holder
Ok, so let's get going. First of all I tackled the drawers. I emptied everything out and wiped down the inside of the drawer, handle, outside of the drawer, runners where it goes back into the table etc with some of my 'naturally' kitchen cleaner and a cloth.

I knew essentially that the storage I have inside the drawers is ok so I just cleaned the baskets and put them back in. If you don't have extra baskets etc you might want to think about it.

Clean and ready to go!
Next put back neatly ONLY what you need or want. I had some bits that I used once about two years ago and haven't used since. They're just not my style. Be brave and get rid.

Some things can be donated but with the dressing table I have a feeling lots will be binned. It's just not safe to share half used mascaras!
Anyway, so put your pared down items back into the drawer neatly.

Admire your pile of items towards your 2011 item challenge. You can insert a beverage here and do the next drawer tomorrow. I chose to do it all in one go and was over and done in an hour.

Those sunglasses in the pink case are 3 prescriptions out of date and look like John Lennon's specs!

Good start!

Do the same for the rest of the drawers. You'll be amazed at how much junk you've accumulated!

Note to self, when taking after photos at least move the cables in the side of the makes them much neater!

Remember this little fella from my tin can tutorial here.

I found him a nice new little home.

Everyone needs a purpose, even tin cans.

And finally my top drawer.

Some of these drawers weren't a major transformation but we all have little enough time to get ready in the mornings, it helps to have our items streamlined and close at hand. You don't want a load of tat you don't use getting in the way.

I finished the dressing table off my clearing off the top, cleaning it, polishing the mirror and staring in amazement at how much stuff I managed to decide I don't want/need anymore!

Obviously there's somethings there to go for donations and the specs to be donated to the spec shop. I assume they send them to developing might be worth checking there!

In total I threw away:

1 x mug tree
3 x cosmetic bags
1 x hair brush thingy
3 x bottles of hair product
1 x moisturiser
2 x pairs prescription specs
2 x pairs sunglasses (1 prescription)
8 x nail polishes
4 x miracle growing/strengthening nail polishes
1 x nail polish remover wipe
35 x hair accessories
6 x pieces of make up
1 x watch
1 x eyelash curler
3 x disposable eyeshadow applicators
2 x bracelets
8 x pairs of earrings
9 8 x necklaces (decided to make the other into a different necklace!)
3 x pairs of cufflinks
1 x ring
2 x hard specs cases

That's a grand total of 96 items! as in, I didn't even have to look very hard!

1915 items still to go....we're getting there!

If you want to link up your first week at the 2011 challenge go ahead below. It's my first link up so I hope I'm not the only one who posts!! You've got a week as we'll start our next challenge next Friday.

If you want to link up that's fine, it'd be lovely if you displayed my button and blogged that you were taking the challenge. I'll just be glad if anyone links!

At home with Mrs H

p.s. I had to come up with a 'description' for the link party so I typed in 'Link up your dressing tables below'. I know it's lame.....anyhoo, moving on.....

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  1. You really make me smile :)
    Have you any idea how inspiring you are ? :P
    I loved the bit when you commented on Lacey Lu La (tin can!) it looked great with the cotton buds inside . I really must get round to making those cans, just have to figure a way to make the top of the cans safe for others .

  2. Thanks for coming and linking up at my party this weekend! I would link up with you, but I'm too scared to do this challenge. But good for you!

    Hope to see you again next weekend!

  3. Great tips! Thanks for sharing them at this week's BFF link party!

  4. great idea, i'll be linking up in a day or two. dreading doing my dressing table, it's such a mess and falling apart.

    Please could you check out my blog, I have also just starting my own linky, which you can link up crafts, recipes, gteat ideas, anything really. so you could like this up as well.

  5. great job with the looks much better! thank for linking up!


  6. You had me at 'organising'! I love a tidy space and, oddly enough, like to watch someone else clean their space up too.

    I am your newest follower.

  7. I have a schedule this week. Working on Son's room, home office, and attic rooms. I will try to do Master bedroom on Friday. You did great.


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