Dus, FOF


So, one day, today I was out in the garden hanging out some laundry. On a Friday! I know! Anyway, although Monday is laundry day I went a bit crazy and did some today cos it was sunny.

Back to the story.....I heard a very strange noise in the garden behind ours. I peeked over but couldn't see anything obvious. I assumed it was their son doing something. I could still hear it so I peeked over again. This time I leant right over and could see a MAHOUSIVE fishie flapping away on their patio. Upon further lookageson I spotted a pond it must have come out of. OH NO!

I ran into the house, grabbed my keys and thankfully remembered to take off my slippers and put on my sandals I got in the car and drove round to their house. I know it was the house behind but actually it was quite a long way!

No answer....eeek! Hopping around on feet trying to work out what to do. I couldn't think so I wrote a note and left it through the letter box and came home.

On the way back inspiration struck, I could get Dus to climb over, put it in a bucket of water and rescue it back into the pond. I got home, I shouted, Dus, can you come down into the garden urgently please!

He did of course thinking I was dying or something. I had to really convince him to go into their garden as it's not our property. He was really concerned that they'd be angry that we'd gone in their garden but I did my 'quick, it's DYING' face.

He jumped over, scooped it onto our dustpan (note to self, disinfect) and into a bucket of water. He walked over to the pond and plopped it back in. Sauntering back towards our garden I couldn't help but think he was a super hero.

Obviously I went back round and left a note with our number on and the lady has just called to say thanks and I apologised profusely for going in their garden but I just couldn't let it die!

Anyway, back to Dus. I've decided to call him SuperDus, Friend of Fishes.

I mocked up a superhero photo too with picnik.

They didn't have a cape so I gave him a crown. You'll have to imagine that the bowling alley behind is actually our garden. And he's not wearing those clothes today...but anyway, this is SuperDus, Friend of Fish on his day off.

Bexy, if you want I can email you this pic for you to print out and frame for your mantelpiece :)

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  1. Oh dear oh dear !!! You are sooooooooooo like me lol, I couldn't have let it lay there and die either. Thankgoodness for super hero Dus, saved the day again ( or at least the fish) !! :) x


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