Cognitive function test


Ok, so don't laugh at me....oh ok then you can, I already know you will....Dus has.

Sometimes when I'm trying to talk the words won't come out of my brain, down the whatsits to the mouth and come out. It's not that I can't think of the word but the words just don't come out. It's like my brain is on pause and it's very frustrating.

Anyway, so I found a test for Alzheimers online and decided to check my brain power to see if I was at risk. There are certain foods you can eat to ensure your brain health and although I already eat a lot of dark green veg I thought it can't hurt to check. This is the point that Dus began to laugh.

So anyway, I went to food for the brain and did their cognitive function test. It's designed for 50 - 70 year olds but I put in my DOB and it still let me do the test so that was ok. It wasn't complicated but I did find it hard going on my little old grey cells!

Scores between 10 and 38 were in the red zone. I'm assuming that red means bad. Scores between 38 and 43 are in the yellow zone. Scores 43 and above (up to 110) are green. Now remember if I were between the age of 50 then 43 and up is good.

I'm aged 28 and I scored 56. A 50 - 70 year old would be ok having my brain power. But now I am concerned that if I did a test tailored to my own age whether my brain power would come out ok or not. Dus was laughing here too.

Anyway, I'll eat more veg and look into doing some brain training type game things....But if you see me and I look like I want to say something but the words are not coming out, be patient with me...I'll get there! xx

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  1. That was frustrating, particularly with the timing thingummy. I didn't like not being able to finish a screen. I had a 70 though. Yay.

    Over on the right it says that your status is something to do with doilies. I can't find this status on Facebook and I want to know what it says!

    Alas, it is bedtime so I cannot continue to look. Good night.


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