What I wore Sunday #5


I am trying to wear as many of my clothes in my wardrobe as possible so that when I come to clear it out as part of my August organising I know whether they're comfy or not and whether I want to keep them or not.

These skinny jeans have been sat unworn for a long time. I used to wear them all the time tucked into my wellies cos they're handy for not having to tuck in chunky cuffed jeans. If that makes any sense.

Frilly checked shirt...urm, still not sure on. Once grey, dyed black skinny jeans....definitely NOT wearing again (my legs like having blood circulating).
Brown boots....will keep but not sure how much I'll wear them.....more investigation needed.

Comfort: 3/10
Attractiveness: 7/10
Warmth: 5/10 (too hot at feet end, too cold at shoulder end)
Effort: 9/10 (ever tried ironing a blouse with that kind of frill?)

Coming up tomorrow....how to clean your priceless jewels!

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