Fajita quesadilla


So, we all know about my food boredom etc so I'm always looking to make new things, exciting things! We had planned on fajita's one evening but to mix it up a little decided to turn them into quesadilla's instead. I always thought they were spelled differently to that, but google says no. Then again, google comes up underlined red so I don't know why I bother sometimes!

Anyway, we prepared our fajita goodies as usual by frying chopped onions, chopped peppers, sweetcorn (whatever else we had in the fridge) with some fajita spice in the wok. Then we set a frying pan heating gently and popped in a tortilla wrap, a sprinkle of cheese, the fajita peppers & onions, another tiny sprinkle of cheese and topped with another tortilla.

I did some pictures although it's not that hard :)






When it's cooked on one side flip it over spilling half the sweetcorn across your wife's newly cleaned hob top.

When it's fully cooked we cut it into quarters and served with a blob of low fat greek yoghurt. It was tricky to eat...but super delish!

Ok, those pics are in the wrong order but just pretend they're right!

Also, don't forget to drink your daily water amount....it's made a huge difference to my digestive system since I did...amazing! Not that you all needed to know that....anyway...don't forget to go enter my giveaway seeing as it ends in about 12 minutes!

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