What I wore Sunday #8


8 weeks!!

I almost completely rejected today's post because I look like I have the largest thighs in history for a totally short dwarf type person.

Actually, I don't...but still...linen trousers will do that to a girl!

I'm sure the fitted last time I wore them, but like everything, they seem to be growing. Odd.....

This was another of the Yellow Blackbird's Shop your closet challenges:
This week, let's try a monochromatic look. This one is going to be a bit tough for me because I don't have many colored bottoms. 
Excuse the spelling for coloured....the Yellow blackbird is American :)

I think she was hoping for a full colour outfit....I don't have any colours so I went for black/grey/white. I had to wear that lacy corsage cos I had a small mark on my blouse....oops!

Comfort: 7/10 - I started to worry about my trousers falling down Attractiveness: 8/10 - Trousers making legs look massive isn't gorgeous..
Warmth: 6/10 - Good job I had my coat!
Effort: 8/10 - Trousers = linen...muchos ironing!
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