No heat curls take 2


So, not deterred by the shocking failure of my no heat curls exploration, and encouraged by your comments of trying it with wet hair....I once more set out on the journey towards curly hair.

I washed my hair and whilst wet applied some mousse. Then I rolled it up using some tarn (T shirt yarn) as the headband. Goodbye forehead marks!

We all know the drill, you may laugh now!

So I slept on it and the next morning it wasn't just the wrapped hair that was looking worse for wear!

Showered, dressed and time to unwrap.

Before brushing through

After combing through

I spent the whole next day feeling like Selma from the simpsons. It was so massive after a night's sleep! On the hair stayed 'clean' for 5 whole days!! I did have to tie it back for those 5 days but I didn't have to wash it :)

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  1. Wow ! That worked a treat this time :) Looks very wavy and stylish :) x


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