Ok, so the shelves are moved, the stock is moved, my desk is empty and ready for moving. I can't swap mine and Dusband's desk until he finishes working at 6pm tonight.

I've done two loads of laundry, pranced around in my summer dress, cursed my pain in my side....maybe should go to Docs at some point seeing as it's been over a week now, and browsed Pinterest.

I've also caught up on my blog reading from the weekend. I might have to paint my toenails or something while I'm waiting for Dusband to finish work. I can't really get on and do anything while the office is in such disarray!

Anyway, how are you all getting on with your paperwork de-cluttering?

Have you been and entered my giveaway?

It runs for another week yet and there's only 5 entrants! It's open to international readers too :)

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