What I wore Sunday #7


So, today after church we had a community BBQ in the playing fields so I wanted to wear something that would be suitable for that. It was super hot when we came out of church and I was pretty pleased with myself for choosing such a light cotton blouse.

My about 2:30pm I'd admitted defeat and put my big thick coat on for the rest of the afternoon! It must have been fairly sunny though because my face is pinker than a shrimp!!

I did actually wear the scarf but made Dus take a pic without so you could see what was underneath!

My shoes were a summer sale bargain of £1 and I wished I'd bought two pairs now. I didn't think about them having a rope sole though and the moisture on the field where the bbq was just soaked right up through them and soaked my feet totally! Lucky I had other shoes in the car.

Comfort: 9/10 - Wet shoes were only let down
Attractiveness: 8/10
Warmth: 4/10
Effort: 5/10

Does anyone else wear two belts at a time? I had to wear a belt to keep my jeans up and then my belt around my blouse on top. I could have just wore the jeans ones but I wanted to wear the middle waist belt.

Anyway, there we go for another week. :) xx

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  1. Okay, okay. In regard to the hit new card-game*, Top Trump: The Mrs.H Edition, is the scarf a special "power" card, allowing for additional warmth/comfort points?

    *This years "New Big Thing" - Games & Stuff monthly.

    "Wowzas, rainy days will never be the same again!" The Times (gaming section)

    "As of today I am officially closing down my company, due to the popularity of this card-based product." - MD, Nintendo (UK)

  2. Scarves are cool..... :) Well, warm, but cool too....you know what I mean :D

  3. I'm so jealous! You actually get to wear scarves and jackets right now. I'm in Florida and it's like Africa hot still. I hate the heat ... why am I still living here??

  4. I love this outfit Mrs H ;) x x


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