The versatile blogger award


Wohoo! I've been awarded an award!

Cue crying, over dramatic speech, tripping over my gown on my heels etc.

The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:

  1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs. 
    Thank you Kei from 'Unfortunately Oh!' . Don't anyone let on to her, but I've only recently discovered Unfortunately Oh and I love it!

    (I'm not sure how my text is slightly off to the side now but let's all pretend we can't tell)

    Ok, so seven things about myself.

    1. My number 4 key on my keyboard is not working at the moment and it's driving me mad.....I had to email everyone on the church council twice, once telling them there were  pages and the second time 4 pages!
    2. My feet are a UK size 4 (US size 6?) and until last year I didn't make an effort to 'wash' them in the shower, they get clean right? Then someone told me that was gross so I bought a carwash type thing for my feet that is suctioned onto our bath now. So I can wash my feet without balancing on one foot and falling over. How does everyone else do it?!
    3. I am a very messy person and although I love to organise, I can't quite tidy up after myself as I go along. You feel cheated now don't you?!
    4. I became a Christian on NYE 2008/2009. I guess this should have been first...oh well. Finally my life has meaning.
    5. My husband Dussy and myself dance all round the house whenever we can. If we're not dancing to the fridge then we're doing a silly walk. We must like the attention or something from each other!
    6. I hate having to wear specs and pray almost every day that when I next go for my eyetest they'll miraculously be healed and I won't need specs ever again. 
    7. I am fiercely loyal to anyone that I think has been wronged and can go for weeks without talking to the person who has wronged them. Well, until they realise they've wronged them and forgiven them. Then I'm back all in their face wanting to be friends again.
    Oh, finished...well, that was ok...What's that? You're traumatised still about my not washing my feet? Ah, it's ok, you'll live...I did! 

    Ok. so 15 recently discovered blogs....this will be a tough one, I follow so many blogs!

    There we are ladies and gents, my recently discovered 15! Pop over and check them out :)

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  1. Non-working keyboard keys are a major annoyance! The keyboard on my old laptop had random keys that stopped working or would stick! I fixed one with a teeny bit of paper folded up between the key and the contact lol

    Going to have to check out those blogs!


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