Wondering Wednesday


Sometimes I think I'm ever so witty!

Anyway, so today I've been preparing for this Friday's August Organising challenge. I've also had a good long hard think about when we go away next month.

We're going to a 25th Wedding anniversary (Dress to Impress says the invite), we've been invited to a 9th Birthday party (poshest outfits required) then we're spending a few days seeing all of the in laws and lovely people who make Dus who he is (and my fabulous Mother in law who'd hate to be called my mother in law but she is fabulous and we're doing a Christmas fair together in November).

The outside of our posh invitation
The inside of our posh invitation. Seriously, I love this girl!
 THEN we're heading back towards Wales but not actually going into it cos we're going down to Cornwall for a week's break with most of the people who make me me. I.e. my mother, her fancyman (aka Daddy Peter), my two sisters and their respective men. That's 8 of us...interesting..... I'm in charge of catering.....even more 'interesting'.

Anyway....living on takeaways for a week aside. This break provides the ideal opportunity for organising. We have some bits to drop off to my big sister in Bristol on our way east to the parties etc and might as well leave our holiday things there. Then we will need to have our visiting clothes and then we can collect our holiday things from my big sister on the way down to Cornwall. Anyone else confused yet?

This dining room sold the holiday cottage to me!

It makes sense to me, why cart holiday things to visit people wasting space and fuel?

I've just deleted another 'anyway'. I suspect I over use it. Anyway, anyway, I'll pack our clothes up separately to our washing things so we can just take in the next day's worth to wherever we're staying and hopefully it will all be easy and ordered.

Now....the hunt begins for a dress to impress!

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