Purse Week 2011


So here I've been, happily following along, reading the guest posts, checking out the prizes etc without actually ever thinking, you know, why don't I enter that?!


It just so happened that this afternoon I was making a cutey pie of a clutch so I decided I'd enter that. And went and checked the rules and it had to be submitted by midnight tonight!!!! EEEEK!!! Ok, Midnight tonight EST but still.....!!!!

Fortunately though it came together ok and I managed to get it finished off quickly and uploaded the pics to my new Flickr account which I've never used since I opened it in May.

Here's the group link for the Purse week 2011 photos.

There is some super tough competition from an awful lot of really, really, really, really good bags!

Anyway, at least I can say I've entered!

I dunno what the rules are for posting pics elsewhere so I'll hold off until Monday just in case by some miracle I get into the top ten lol!!

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