Yarn Bombing


I don't like knitting.

There, it's out, I've said it. I couldn't get the hang of crochet much to Lizzie's incomprehension. How could her sister, her most talented sister (except for Amanda) not get crochet. Ah well, never mind.

But......I do have a real appreciation for yarn bombing. Sometimes I feel like I want to yarnbomb my house til I remember I'd have to actually a) knit the pieces to do the bombing and b) live with the bombing. (OCD kicks in here)

So, anyway, I've been seeing lots of pics of yarnbombing on the new home ec site so I thought I'd share them with you. Cos I'm nothing if not original!

A tree is under that chunky super warm jumper there!

Much better than boring bollards right?
Maybe even I could achieve this one....
Anyway, for the rest of the pics visit here.

And just another to keep you going til lunch:

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