We're home!!


What's that? You didn't miss me?

Ah well. Except for a fairly massive gap in the middle of our time away when the wi-fi at our holiday house didn't work I've been online all the time....ok, that's a lie, I've not been online at all!

I did schedule a few posts at the start and end thinking that the time in the middle I could fill with our photos and what we've been up to. FAIL!

At Colchester Zoo

Also, Miss Mystery told me I should become a bit more paranoid so you didn't realise my house was empty and try to rob me of my fabric stash and walking foot. What's that? You don't even want my puny walking foot? Ah well, never mind.

So anyway, we're back, you can't rob us now.

So our break away came at the beginning of term so we missed the first couple of weeks of Kidz Club & youth group so we did lots of planning for the coming term's youth group before we went.
The view from the balcony of our little log cabin

We did a schedule, games lists, invited visiting speakers and inquired about a bouncy rodeo bull (£275....ouch!) for our Christmas party.

Not the actual one.....a google image

Then we went away and I tidied up knowing my neighbour would be popping in to check the house was all ok. I like to maintain the façade that our house isn't a TOTAL bombsite sometimes.

Anyway, so we got back and I thought, right, now is the time to get sorted for this term and put together all the bits and pieces we need so that it's not a mad scramble every week like last term.

Aaaaaaand, we couldn't find it. We'd lost the folder. It also contained the children's church schedule for now until Christmas too..oops! In theory I could print them out again, but we've made changes to them since they were originally printed with the other ladies who serve in the church. I cannot even tell you the amount of time we've spent hunting for this folder....the worry, the panic and the stress.

And where was it? In a box that should contain crafting stuff but didn't yet...it was sat empty so I tidied the office into it. Don't judge, I bet you do it too when no one's looking!:)

Phew, panic over. In other news:

we've been invited to a wedding blessing service (we couldn't make it to the actual wedding) and it clashes with the harvest service I've proposed...great.

I'm speaking on Sunday and my sermon so far is as floopy as a bag full of noodles...once cooked....raw they're fairly stable.

In case you can't imagine noodles

We've become people who pay their car insurance annually because doing so saves us £134.85 and our car tax yearly as it saves us £21. It's wiped out our savings but we won't have the extra expense every month for insurance.

I had a dentist check up this morning and due to my using an electric toothbrush now I didn't need any work doing...unlike the last three times I've been....hurray! Such a simple change can make so much difference.

I've seen another house I like....this time it's only £37k and it has a 'workroom' out the back in the garden. It looks like it needs quite a lot of work doing and of course we haven't got a mortgage yet...then again we don't have a deposit either. I've got this pipedream that one day an anonymous cheque will come through our door which will be enough for a deposit, solicitors and survey (and if the house is a wreck enough to make it liveable for the moment). Anonymous cos then we don't need to pay it back! Cheeky I know....and never going to happen....but hey, it's good to dream!

We've started using meal plans and purchasing our monthly food based on those....super budget friendly! We've saved loads of money (to go towards deposit in case kindly stranger doesn't give us money for house).

I think that's enough random things for now.....oh that and we seem to have missed autumn.....we've gone straight into winter. Good job I've got a hot water bottle or two!

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  1. Keep on living the dream :)
    Im glad you found your folder, can imagine how you were feeling. Now that you have found it, Im wondering if we can liaise over some craft ideas at some point? :) x


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