25th Wedding anniversary gift


So......I've seen maps cut into hearts to represent places that are close to your heart. (I know, grammar is terrible in that sentence, and this one too....rearrange them in your head).

I made myself framed map hearts for where Dus and I met, married and honeymooned and got him to hang them on the wall. More on that another day, it's too much of a drama. Apparently I find it incapable to hang things randomly.

Anyway, so we were off to help Dusbands' aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary to begin our two week break and I had a lightbulb moment for their gift. I asked Dus' aunt for a few places that were special to them and she came back with them for me. I love people who are completely in the dark about why you need info and yet still give it to you, thank you Fiona!

Anyway, so I cut the map hearts out and popped them in a simple black frame for them.

They met at Durham university
Honeymooned in Zimbabwe

I had to look up where Namibia is....oops! They had a memorable holiday there

Morfa Nefyn means a lot to them both
So, that's their hearts. They were really pleased with it and I wrapped it up nicely in brown paper and lace and made a little lace brooch to decorate it.

So there we are, if you're struggling with what to get for silver wedding anniversaries, make it personal!

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  1. I love this idea! I'm all about the memories of our lives. What a great way to show some! I'm gonna pin this because my memory won't remember it when I need it :)

  2. What a super idea .... I think you could adapt this for other occassions too :)


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