Sea Kelp


So we three sisters and our men went down to the beach when we arrived on our holiday the first day. Amanda and I went to inspect a large mis shapen alien type rock vegetation thing near the waters edge and only managed to make ourselves scream in fright when a wave almost got us. TOTAL GIRLS, that's what we are!

Anyway, Liz who is infinitely more mature and sensible (pfft) just sat laughing at us being silly. I bet she was scared too by the alien thing.

The nobbly bit was really hard & solid.

The Sunday Tinkerbell & Peter Pan came to lunch and afterwards we wandered down to the beach. Fortunately Tinkerbell knew what the alien rock vegetation thing was and no longer scared by it's mystery I happily set about snapping it for future ruffley reference!

Note alien head thing at top, alien tails at bottom...ruffley goodness in middle!

I can feel some ruffle crafts coming on!

Thank God for creating such gorgeously inspiring sea stuff. No matter what, I simply cannot believe something as odd/weird/strange/beautiful as this could be an accident.

Anyway, so that's sea kelp....interesting eh?

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