What I wore on holiday


I'm a total goof and didn't think about taking photos of what I wore on the Sundays I was away...oops! However, there are a couple of other days so I thought I'd show you those.

Firstly what I wore for Dus' aunt and uncle's 25th Wedding anniversary party. The dress code was 'dress to impress'.

Personally I'm impressed that I got my legs out!

Check out my super gorgeous wedding shoes! I still love to wear them. What's that? You can't see them against that shocking red & gold hotel carpet? Good job Dusband thought of my blogging this photo and took another with me stood on a towel!

The dress cost me £3.53. Not bad eh? And it still had the labels on so although it was 2nd hand, it was new!

Here are my shoes in more detail.
I bought them late 2009 and they're by Irregular Choice.

Here I am rocking the Victorian look. Apart from the coat being really itchy, I really loved the style of it! Now, looking back, I'm not convinced on that Sherlock Holmes collar....

It was suggested I should just pretend I went out like this, but you're all far too canny for that. We visited a Victorian clothing museum thingy at one of the places we went. Lizzie and I were all up for dressing up until we got in there and we were like...urm....maybe not. I dunno, maybe we got stage fright.

Dus led the dressing up with a gorgeous hat and Lizzie and I quickly followed on! Apparently in Victorian times the taller your hat, the wealthier you are. Dus didn't care about that though :)

Ignore the lunch bag lol

Liz managed to choose the pouffiest skirt there, but I think she makes a much more convincing Victorian than I do! Simply fabulous!

The skirts were unbelievably heavy even though they were reproductions. The living history characters (staff dressed up with stories) had on the best outfits and I don't know how they do it, they must have super strength hips!

Disappointly, that's all I've got....imagine the rest of the week's jeans, top & jumper and you'll be set :)

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  1. What a beautiful dress, you look gorgeous in it, and the shoes of course :) x


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