Blogger secret santa


Secret santa...blogger style? Why thank you ma'am!

Cheers, Bethani is hosting this year's blogger secret santa and I'm taking part! If you want in then pop over and let her know you're interested. I'd love if some more UKers joined in so I'm not the only one!

I've asked if it's open internationally and the lovely Bethani has arranged it so that parcels to be sent internationally will go a tad earlier in time for Christmas.

There's just a couple of rules which are below, nothing too hard though!

a.) must be a follower of my blog - this way all blog updates about the event will show up in your google reader so you can stay in the know.
b.) be willing to spend 15 USD dollars on the person you receive to buy for.  (its only fair everyone spends the same amount)
c. be able to have your gift purchased and shipped to your person by december 15.  (that gives USPS 10 days to get them their present)
c.) must be willing to have fun (of course!)

See you there!
Samantha xx

At home with Mrs H.

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