Fitness day 1


ok, so remember this that I posted yesterday?

Via Reg on Pinterest

I could in theory have counted yesterday as day 1 but you know how it is *whistles*.

Anyway, so today I did day 1. 10 x jumping jacks (I call them star jumps cos I'm cool) and 10 x crunches.

Five minutes it took. Tops. Don't believe me, try it yourself now. I'll wait.

Oh, hang about....30 jumping jacks it says. Make that 7 minutes....I'll brb in about 2 mins (or 20 jumping jacks!)

Ok, fab, now you've done day 1 too, see you tomorrow for day 2!!

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  1. I joined you!

    I gave in yesterday and bought a Crunchie bar. But but but I made up for it today by having no sugar in my tea at all. All day.

    AND we destroyed more of the bathroom today. We ripped out all the tiles and discovered the only things between the bathroom and my room (more on that when I see you) were two pieces of plasterboard with a corrugated card inner (much of which was mouldy and fell apart as we took off the tiles). YUK.

    Tomorrow I'm going to do Day 2 AND Yoga. Oh yes.

  2. I'm going to change the days into weeks and break one day a week. Either that or change the jumping jacks for something else.



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