Brain fail


So ladies and gents, for my 200th post I would like to tell you all that I am a silly head!

I began by cutting out 12 knitting needle pouches. I needed to cut them 14" x 9" and I managed to cut them 12" x 9". Fail 1. I couldn't just use them and make them a bit shorter cos they'd be too short for knitting needles and too narrow for anything else.

Genius Dusband suggested I flip them and turn them into 8" x 12" cosmetic pouches instead...Oh, how I love him. So I trimmed 1" off of 4 of them to make up and try out my concealed seams on these boxed pouchey things.

The first one I tried doing a tutorial showing French seams on the inside of the boxy pouch. It kinda went wrong and has ended up as a flat thing. I didn't bother with the boxy corner as it was already so small the only thing you'd be able to fit in would be a tiny weeny lip balm lol.

One of the edge seams is my favourite fails....

It's like goblin teeth the stitches are so far away!!

Marked up as FAIL!

Second pouch, I tried hiding the seams inside some binding. Halfway down the first seam it got caught somewhere and started pulling down into the cavity under the feed dogs (I've only just realised that's a weird name!) so I cut the threads before it got mangled.

So I've decided that colds and sewing don't mix and giving today up as a bad job. Also, I'm blaming my cold on the chocolate hob nobs I ate....I've not had a cold when I've not eaten chocolate hob nobs. I'd better wait til I'm well and then try again :)

P.s. if anyone wants my failure brown spotty pouch with it's evil grin side seam leave a comment below saying you'd like it and it's yours (if more than one person is silly enough to want it I'll random it on Friday). Just don't judge on the sewing :)
Oh, just do me a favour and click follow over there by Google Friend Connect please :D xx

p.p.s. I promise I can actually sew pretty well...honest :)

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  1. Hey... where's my post? I'm sure I admired your bag...


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