What I wore Sunday #12


Ok, so Sunday. Well Saturday we finally went and bought me some new trousers that fit. Hurrah!

Usually I buy all my clothes second hand or from the supermarket etc, I'm a thrifty kinda gal! But it's pretty tough getting petite trousers in charity shops and hemming...? No thank you ma'am!

So, for the first time since....urm....maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I bought a pair of trousers full price.

Anyway, I wore them yesterday to go to church. Just to go there, then realise I didn't feel well enough to stay and went home but still, I wore them.

I realise this is not a great picture of them, they look very tight on my thighs. You'll just have to trust me they fit lovely until I can teach my photographer to take professional photos in the 2 minute timeslot we allocate to taking this pic before we run out of the house!

No scores today, I didn't really wear it long enough to make an informed judgement :)

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  1. I think they look like a perfect fit! And that necklace is awesome!! LOVE it!

  2. Those trousers look awesome! I don't think they look tight on the thigh, they look fine =)
    Trousers are the only thing I very rarely buy second hand since getting a good fit is so touch and go!
    Sorry you weren't feeling well yesterday, hope you're feeling better now!


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