What I wore Saturday!


This week's shop your closet challenge was:

"NEXT SHOPPING TRIP: PINTEREST INSPIRED. I have a ton of ideas waiting for my closet on my style board on Pinterest. This week I am going to put those to good use and come up with a new outfit. If you don't use Pinterest you can borrow my board, or just be inspired by another blogger, an ad, or something else on the Internet."

I didn't really have anything pinned for clothes, I've never really seen the attraction of looking for outfits online but maybe that's why I felt in a bit of a rut. Anyway, I came across this outfit on Aubree's pin board.

I am totally NOT a leggings kinda gal. I am a firm believer that unless you have the bottom of Angelina Jolie, leggings should stay in the home...you know, for when you're ill and laying on the sofa queening around.

But....with a long blouse like that, there is no bottom showage. I don't know whether it's a Wales thing or a UK thing or what but I've seen oodles of girls out and about in their leggings with short tops showing their unAngelina Jolie bottoms to the world and I try not to judge but...um....yeah anyway, ok I judge.

Moving on. So, I unearthed my leggings (I think I've only worn them twice since I've owned them!) and pulled on my cowboy boots...ok, doing alright. I paired them with a long white blouse and a shawl style cardigan and scarf.

As we all know, I can't recreate her curls :)

I wouldn't say I felt comfortable, but I didn't want to run away screaming when we went to the shops that afternoon.

I know I'm slim etc yadda yadda I shouldn't worry about showing off my body but let me tell you this. It doesn't matter whether you're size 8 or size 18, if you don't tone those thighs you'll have lumpy cellulite. Trust me, I've been both of those sizes and had cellulite no matter which I was/am. Thankfully, it can be hidden with long blouses and no one is any the wiser. I did get my husband to check before I left the house though lol!

Anyway, I'm glad I was able to share all that information with you, you are better off for knowing it all I'm sure. Also, we went shopping for running shoes but apparently no one stocks half sizes *sigh* so I came home and ate some hob nobs. Seemed like the sensible choice right?

p.s. sorry if I've offended anyone in this post by being slim, it's not really my fault I'm slim, I promise I eat. :) Also, does anyone have a ladder I can borrow to get myself out of this hole I've dug?

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  1. Adorable! and Inspiring! I'm with you on the whole legging thing. I'm not a big person either but for some reason I tend to avoid leggings. I don't even own a pair. But maybe with the right shirt I could pull it off and not be uncomfortable. I do LOVE boots and yours are adorable.

  2. The leggings + short top + un-Angelina bottom thing is definitely UK-wide! (My youngest sister is one of those girls that does it, sometimes opting for a long jumper with just woollen tights underneath...D= )

    Anyway! You look great! I love the shirt you teamed up with the leggings, it's the perfect length! And the boots are gorgeous~

  3. So cute! Thanks for linking up! I don't wear leggings either. I pinned that outfit to wear with my black skinny pants. I like your outfit better than the pin!


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