Freaky Parsnips


I promised you freaky parsnips, so that's what you're going to get.

These are what we pulled up out of the garden the day before harvest festival at church. We decided that God made them grow so God can have them back no matter how odd they look. He doesn't mind right?

Apparently that's how they grow in real life....who knew? I wonder how people manage them to grow 'normally' then?

Ok, so the first can be known henceforth as Big Fat Parsnip.

The second one along ended up the most 'normal' looking...we'll call him Parnsip Two Legs for fun.

Let's call the third one something crazy like One leg long, one leg stumpy parsnip. (I'm running out of ideas here)

The fourth one looks kinda mafia so I think we could get away with calling him The Root Father.

Oh, I'm so witty...ok, you lot must have some better ideas than me, come forth in the comments with your names for these bad boys of freaky parsnipness!

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  1. I love seeing crazy vegetables! It's a shame that in shops, vegetables have to be so standardised to be a certain shape and size. It's way more fun to see root veggies with legs and noses!

  2. You did better than mine last year, they came out TINY! I just love parsnips, whatever size :) Have a lovely weekend and it's been fun visiting. Catherine


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