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So, remember how Kei shared my tutorial for the bubbles bag yesterday on Unfortunately Oh! ? Well today she's sharing her fab tutorial here with us for the most gorgeous cross necklace. Check it out below then go share your appreciation on her blog :) Kei has tons of fab posts so make sure you 'follow' her using Google friend connect to keep up with her posts. 

Hi everyone! I'm Kei and I'm visiting today from Unfortunately Oh! It began life as a craft blog, but other things appear to have snuck in. :)
There are a lot of tutorials on my blog, ranging from stuff like furry claw scarves and eye patches (very Halloween, right?) to YSL-inspired cuffs, wire-wrapped crystals and pincushions!

Anyway. When the lovely Samantha asked if I'd like to do a blog swap, I jumped at the chance!
Then I racked my brains to come up with something sweet and stylish to share with you guys. Something that looked good but didn't require a degree or a day to make!

What I came up with was this cute cross charm necklace.

This is so simple to make that anyone can do it!
Here's a little tutorial.

Time needed: 10-15 minutes (approx)

You'll need:
22 inches of chain
A ring/hoop
Large cross charm
Small cross charm
Jump rings
Flat and round-nose pliers

1. Cut 12 inches of chain and fix the larger charm to one end with a jump ring.

2. Cut another 9 inches of chain and use a jump ring to fix the ring onto one end.

3. Attach the small charm to the final inch of chain in the same way.

4. Connect the end of the shortest piece of chain to the ring.

5. Slip the longest length of chain (with the large charm attached) through the ring from underneath.

6. Add a clasp to the ends of the two longer pieces of chain, and you're all done :)

If you fancy a clasp-less version of this, simply cut 21 inches of chain instead of 12 inches + 9 inches. Fix the ring to one end, loop the other end through it and attach the larger charm, then add on the smaller charm as described in steps 3-4.

Obviously the crosses can be swapped for other motifs, if crosses aren't your thing!

Ideally I would have used a bigger charm, but was working with things I had to hand!

I hope you felt inspired by this little tutorial! You can find loads more tutorials on Unfortunately Oh! Please pop over and check it out!

Thanks for visiting with us Kei! 
Pop over and visit Kei and let her know I sent you :D 

Samantha x

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